Friday, November 6, 2015

Interview with Michael Phillip Cash's Prince V'Sair

Michael Phillip Cash (MPC): Welcome to another fun and exciting interview with V’sair from the Battle of Darracia saga! Hello V’sair!

V’sair (V): Hello.

MPC: Tell me, what’s it like being a Prince.

V: Emotional.

MPC: Care to elaborate?

V: My mom is not from my home planet, Darracia.  She is a Plantan. My father is pure Darracian, born in a long-line of warriors.

MPC: That’s fascinating.

V: It’s really not. It’s boring. Plus, I’m in half-breed.

MPC: So, nothing wrong with that.

V: Everything is wrong with that. I don’t know who I am. Am I a strong warrior? Look at these arms!  I can barely lift two Yonada of Ramdam Crystals.

MPC: What are Ramdam Chrystals?

V: They are the element that my people mine for. It keeps our kingdom floating in the sky.

MPC: Wow!  That’s incredible.

V: Eh.

MPC: What is your world like?

V: It’s boring. I’m coming into my own. I just don’t know what that is yet.

MPC: Are you close with your parents?

V: Yes and no. My dad wants me to be strong and brutish like him. My mom wants to stimulate my intellect.

MPC: How does she do that?

V: By setting me up with her handmaiden Tulani.

MPC: Who is this Tulani?

V: She’s...beautiful. She is always staring at me. Likewise, I stare at her.

MPC: Marriage?

V: My people do not mix with the Quyroo?

MPC: A who?

V: Quyroo. They are the tree dwellers. They scrounge in the dirt below our kingdom. According to my father, they want a seat on the Moon Council. That’s where everyone has a voice. A say in our planet Darracia.

MPC: Sounds like a peaceful planet.

V: Was a peaceful planet.

MPC: What changed?

V: My uncle Staf Nuen wants to supplant my father and me.  Such is life as a prince. You can’t even trust your own family.

MPC: What does he do?

V: He implements a coup de tat against my family, our government. He drives us all out of our kingdom, and it’s up to Tulani, her grandmother Bobbien, my stepbrother Zayden, and my mother Reminda to take back Darracia.

MPC: It really sounds like a huge battle.

V: Hence the title, The Battle for Darracia.

MPC: How did you come up with the name Darracia?

V: Darracia is really an inversion of Arcadia. Arcadia means a peaceful utopia.  We were once a very calm planet, until the greed of my uncle overtook the lands.

MPC: Sounds like Star Wars.

V: Without the Force.

MPC: Do you like Star Wars?

V: Huge fan.

MPC: Well, thank you for joining me today V’sair. Our readers can find out if the Battle for Darracia ends well or bad for our guest.

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