Harvest on the Homestead Gratitude

Despite several garden flunks this summer, and other unexpected roadblocks, I am grateful for what we DID accomplish. That is what I choose to focus on: What we created. Here are some highlights:

Tons o' Rhubarb! Packaged & ready for cakes & pies. Rhubarb jam making is on the schedule for next week

Two visiting hens added some color to our egg production. We have 8 hens under our care  now :)

New raspberry plants will produce next year, so this year we picked locally & made jam

 After we lost last years tomato crop to blight, this year we grew enough to make & store a years worth of sauce & salsa!

DIY herb racks (made from tomato cages) have been utilized full time to dry all of our own cooking herbs

Buck had become quite a chicken watching dog. At 3 months of age I couldn't
 have asked for a better farm dog. But now at almost 4 months, he seems to have lost his marbles & wants to chase the heck out of them. I am again training him. I have hope he will again watch the flocks.

We also built a writers cabin from almost entirely reclaimed free materials. What would normally cost thousands of dollars cost approximately $300. I choose not to show too much of it, as it is my private writing space :)

First watermelons. Little but juicy

We picked tons of blueberries in 3 different locations on one hot summer day. One section of the freezer is devoted just to them. My fav spot was one we had to kayak to. Every time I eat a blueberry I will remember that lovely summer day.

Last but not least-turkeys! We are caring for 15 in all (some are a friends). They get fresh picked greens and ample grain.

So yes, this spring and summer have been a lot of work. We have kept our homestead productive regardless of what happened around us. You have to right?

Keep creating!
Peace, May


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