Meet Buck, the newest addition to our homestead!

This Fourth of July weekend our homestead had even more reason to celebrate: We welcomed Buck, a wee German Shepherd/Lab cross pup. Instead of family BBQ's or fireworks displays, we hunkered down on our growing farm and simply enjoyed this bundle of lovable energy.

After a few nights of adjusting to a wee baby again, I am feeling somewhat normal.

EVERYONE has been asking me what the girls think of him. The short answer to everyone's question is this: So far so good.
I have let him safely visit their enclosure to allow the girls to get over their initial shock. After all, they've ruled the homestead for an entire year.

The first time I let the girls out while he was outside, I let him watch from the porch.

Then I let him go say hello with me.

After a very bit of excitement from Nelly & DG, being ignored from Ruby & being hissed at by the leader Blacktail, Sunny and Buffy allowed him to follow them.

He didn't chase which surprised me, but the girls kept a safe enough distance none the less.

They squawked at him if he got toooooo close. He took notice and sat on his butt when that happened. To my chagrin, they taught him how to peck at the potted flowers, and dig next to the hydrangea fence.

They have all been out at the same time (with our supervision).  We will continue to monitor everything. I will not leave them unattended. They all deserve our watchful eyes.

So like I said, so far so good. We are thrilled with our new addition Buck, my lil firecracker! Our Fourth of July surprise.


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