Heart of the Hurricane Award Finalist Thanks to EVERYONE on my Team!

Heart of the Hurricane is a finalist in the 2015  BiWriters Association annual BiSexual Book Awards for best Romance.

This thrills me, in MANY ways, as with any book, it was a group effort>>>

-The excellent team at Big World Network is recognized for their top quality editing and publishing, Jim McGovern, Amanda Meuwissen, and Mario Hernandez  make true efforts to insure all of us part of the team through monthly' town meeting' video calls, weekly newsletters, and constant social media interaction. (They even give visual donuts in Facebook threads)
The editors for Heart of the Hurricane had their work cut out for them when I submitted Heart of the Hurricane. I do not suck at writing. I do, however, suck at the rules of writing, as well as the computer aspects of formatting a manuscript.
I owe all of you something big for your hard work. Donuts?
For these reasons, and many more, I will continue to participate in and support Big World Network. If you are an author, reader,anime lover, bookworm or  audio-book fan, please visit their site. You will not be disappointed!
Big World Network

-Roger Palmer's music deserves huge recognition. His tune 'At First Light' was the intro and outro music to the Heart of the Hurricane audio series which aired weekly for 16 weeks. The piece (unfortunately) was not included in the Audible version due to their own restrictions.The haunting melody is only a small sliver of this man's amazing ability to translate feelings into music. Please do yourself a favor and explore his music!
Roger Palmer Music For a New Generation

-Tawn Krakowski is applauded for her narration of Heart of the Hurricane. Romance is not her chosen genre, and holy hell there are THREE romances,( oh wait FOUR if you include Eliza's dead husband John's ghost) in Heart of the Hurricane. She was a sport and verbally aced every single page, yet I always imagined her rolling her eyes narrating certain scenes(cracks me up).
In addition to being an amazing writer, her narration of Heart of the Hurricane tells me that Tawn is a true story teller!
Tawn Krakowski-Literary Barnstormer

-Bisexual Book Awards and the Bi Writers Association gets an extra loud two fingered whistle for not simply existing, but for providing a solid platform for Bi Writers and other authors who write about bisexual characters. The founder, Sheela Lambert, is a multi-talented whirlwind of a woman. Please enrich your life by checking out what is happening there!
BiWriters Association

-Last but not least, I am thrilled that Heart of the Hurricane is a finalist because the voices of Eliza and Joanna are being heard by a larger audience.
Two women from turn of the twentieth century Nova Scotia, discovering themselves, and each other, after some of the worst hurricanes in recorded history: The August Gales. Hidden love is not a new concept. Same sex couples have been hiding in big cities and small towns forever, yet telling you their story brings some of that secrecy out in the open
I am honored to speak on behalf of bisexual women through Joanna and Eliza. I am happy that readers appreciate the naturalness of their relationship. I am pleased that Joanna and Eliza set themselves free.

Thank you. EVERYONE.

Peace, May


  1. I will gladly take a donut! But am happiest that we were able to get out the book you wanted, in all its glory. :-) So excited about this award!

    -Amanda Meuwissen


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