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Listening to Music while Writing,
May Woodworth

Some authors swear by music while writing. They have playlists, special CD's and particular radio stations they crank up before penning their tales. Other writers need total quiet. They cannot function with even a TV in the background. Any disturbance can throw them off track.Silence is crucial.

Such striking opposites in the writing profession  that I asked myself this: Does one behavior or the other breed better writers?

This is a must read by The Character Therapist. I was really surprised by the results on writing productivity with or without music >>>

Music is known to tap into the creative areas of the brain, re-stimulate memories, stir up emotion, and affect one's energy level. This is a plus for many a writer. But what about the more stimulation sensitive writers? How can they blend music with THEIR writing?

One suggestion is to try listening to some music to set the mood of your manuscript, and then turn it off.. as for me, that's what I do. Music is almost always the intro to my writing sessions. I've listened to Highland drums and bagpipes, piano, classical, classic rock, and soothing instrumental to set my writing mood. I tend to stay away from vocal songs , instead falling into instrumental pieces.

Each writing session for my latest book HEART OF THE HURRICANE began with a listen to Palmer Music. His music is inspirational, encouraging me to bring a sense of hope to that tale, despite the tragedies which were portrayed. I was thrilled when Roger Palmer gave me permission to use AT FIRST LIGHT in the audio book series. That piece is very much the heart of HEART OF THE HURRICANE.

To wrap it up: listening to music seems to boost productivity for writers. Many writers may feel this goes against their belief that noise is distracting while working. I say try it. If it does work, you can increase your daily output. If it doesn't work you can just click it off. Or turn off your PC and get into the music :--)

Happy Writing! Peace, May




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