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Hi, I'm May,

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself before I get all posty on you ; )

After a very busy and fulfilling life in the public sector, I have carved out time to explore my new found passion: writing. I have published over a dozen adult-only romances under a pen name. At the moment I have countless works in progress ranging from children's books, mystery, romance, to non-fiction, all of which will be released under my birth name.

My first audio-book series HEART OF THE HURRICANE is now in it's 1st season at BigWorldNetwork.com. You can hear/read a new episode (chapter) every Tuesday. HEART OF THE HURRICANE will be available in paperback & audio-book in 2014. The series is narrated by the extremely talented Tawn Krakowski.

I am also exploring avenues to combine literature and my other passion: music. My first venture is a collaboration with the extremely talented Roger Palmer. Palmer Music provides the music, for my first audio-book series HEART OF THE HURRICANE.  I listened to the instrumental piece AT FIRST LIGHT often while penning the tale. I am honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Roger. I have admired his work for years. His positive energy resonates through his music. AT FIRST LIGHT is a large part of the heart in HEART OF THE HURRICANE <3

When not in one of my writer's nooks, I immerse myself in nature. I am drawn to the sea and forests equally. I am a risk taker. I travel a lot. I love to explore.  I am a naturegirl.

My current lifestyle is very different than past situations, more in alignment with my personality. After growing up in a very large family, and raising my own very busy family, I now choose to  live a quiet life within a very tight inner circle of family and friends. The quiet allows me to tap into creative recesses of my mind that previously laid dormant.

My personal life is personal. I am not an open book. What you see is not what you get. I am happiest when I lead a more private life.  You can however learn  more about me by reading my works. The biggest messages I wish to spread are ones of  love, hope, peace, and living a life that feels right to YOU

Peace, May

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